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The Film Club: A True Story of a Father and a Son By David Gilmour (Canadian Edition)

The Film Club: A True Story of a Father and Son - David Gilmour sometimes the idea of a book surpasses what the book is actually able to accomplish. an interesting idea to have a father honestly discuss life with his son. too many reviews have been critical of the author's choice to allow his son to make his own decisions about sex, drinking and drugs. i understand canadian society to be slightly more permissive of these behaviors than american. there also seems to be some sort of confusion as to what a memoir is. they tend to be rather self-serving as a rule. and the poorly written ones tend to be more self-congratulating than anything else. maybe there's a little of that here. but mostly it seems to be honest and somewhat heart wrenching. fairly good traits in a memoir. what i actually like best about this book is the publisher, twelve. we should all have the courage to print our mission statements in our books, or wear them on our sleeves. especially if our mission is as delightfully idealistic and passionate as theirs is. it is something that can only be born out of proudly serving a corporate master, and then thinking better of it. so, good book great pub.